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Other linguisticky stuff

EGG Summer School


I am one of the organizers of the Eastern Generative Grammar (EGG) Summer School: a linguistics summer school that takes place for 2 weeks every July/August in different Eastern European countries. Read more about us here.

If you're a student, researcher, or just someone interested in linguistics, consider attending. It's a lot of fun, really cheap, and we offer a good mix of introductory and advanced courses taught by excellent linguists, both junior and senior.

The next EGG school will be in Brno, Czech Republic from July 27 - August 7, 2015. All information, including about our excellent line-up of teachers and classes, can be found here

Other linguistic links


  • Lexicon Valley: blog about language and linguistics hosted by Slate magazine. I'm an ad hoc contributor -- here is an article I wrote recently about cuss-words, conventional implicature, and Quentin Tarantino. 


  • Lingbuzz: free, online archive for linguistic papers.


  • Language Log: a blog about linguistics, run by linguists, for linguists and linguistics-afficionados. 



  • Linguist List: a linguistics database with a wealth of information about linguistic events and scholarship around the world. Look here for information about summer schools, jobs, PhD and M.A. positions, a directory of dissertations and of linguists around the world. 

Leipzig Links



  • IGRA: Our graduate program, Interaktion Grammatischer Bausteine/Interaction of Grammatical Building Blocks (IGRA) funded by the German Research Academy (DFG) earlier in 2014. 



  • DGfS 2015:  The 37th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Linguistics (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft: DGfS), also the largest conference in Germany, will be hosted at the University of Leipzig in March, 2015. 


  • Erasmus Program: Together with my colleague Andreas Opitz, I coordinate the Erasmus student exchange program for linguistics. Click here for the English version.




FASAL Proceedings


Together with Rahul Balusu, I have recently started serving as editor of the proceedings of the South Asian linguistics conference FASAL (Formal Approaches to South Asian Languages). 

We will be bringing out a proceedings volume of selected presentations from every annual meeting of FASAL. 

More information here and here