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I am an Assistant Professor (Juniorprofessorin) in Syntax, at the Institut für Linguistik Universität Leipzig. I am a syntactician and budding fieldworker. As a syntactician, I work on issues at the syntax-semantics interface and the distribution of labor between the two. As a fieldworker, I am interested in studying variation in syntax: both across languages (crosslinguistic variation) and within a particular language (dialectal variation) based on data collected via fieldwork. I received my Ph.D. in 2013, jointly from the University of Tromsø and the University of Stuttgart. My native language is Tamil, a Non-Indo-European language of the Dravidian family, spoken primarily in Tamil Nadu, India. 

Curriculum Vitae (updatedNovember 2019)

  • Research Areas: Syntactic theory; Syntax-semantics interface; Structure, documentation of & fieldwork on Dravidian         languages; Formalizing linguistic variation

  • Research Topics: Referential dependencies (anaphora, logophora, control); Clausal dependencies (finiteness, selection, phase-locality); The structural representation of Perspective; Features & Agree; Indexical Shift; Properties of Subjects (EPP, Case, overtness); The representation & interpretation of Person; Argument Structure

In 2019-2020 (SoSe 2019 & WiSe 19/20), I will be on sabbatical, funded by the Maria Weber Grant of the Hans Böckler Stiftung

At a Glance


Closing Workshop (joint DFG Research Project Göttingen/Leipzig): 



Recent & Upcoming Papers: 

  •  Now out: "Reducing pro and PRO to a single source" (with Thomas McFadden). The Linguistic Review 35 (3): 463-518. 

Upcoming Presentations: 

  • In May 2019, I will be an invited speaker at the Person & Perspective workshop at the University of Southern California

  • In late March (March 25-29), I will be visiting the University of Maryland, as a part of which I will give a talk.

  • Also in late March (March 28), I will give a joint talk with Thomas McFadden at the Speaker Series at Georgetown University.